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What Works in Print Doesn’t Always Work in Digital

The mistake that some publishers make is trying to try to replicate in their digital edition what they have on their web sites or in print. It is sometimes the easy way but rarely the best way to go. In almost all cases, the very best thing a digital magazine can do is really be its own product with its own editorial and ad format.

The beauty of the digital format is that it has features inherent in the medium that allows for an all-encompassing reading experience, including encouraging interaction between readers and the publication, formatting pages specifically for the screen on which they’re shown, and creating content and ads that get readers really engaged in the text. Print and digital magazines are completely different products, and they should be built differently.

Advertisers have so many more opportunities to engage their audience with ads created especially to take advantage of the interactivity possible with digital. Online reading as a whole is dynamic, and when ads contain interactive components the reading experience is unique. The best digital-savvy publishers and advertisers understand that reader engagement is all about offering readers an activity–a click through, a registration, a download, a special offer, etc.

In most markets, digital magazines compete for a different audience than print magazines do. Often digital audiences expect more frequent content delivery. While traditional magazines are published monthly or weekly, it is not unusual for digital editions to be published daily. Digital provides more distractions and more elaborate ways to interact, and the trick to success is to keep the reader engaged in the content as well as in the ads.

In the end, it’s about the format and the content. If publishers create an experience where the user can interact in a variety of productive ways, a successful digital publication is a sure bet, and guarantees a very involved brand experience for readers.

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