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What North Americans Do Online

The North American online population (Canada and the US) is among the most highly engaged worldwide: average monthly hours per visitor (34.6); average number of monthly visits per visitor (88), according to the 2014 Canada Digital Future in Focus, comScore, Media Metrix, CA, Home & Work, Persons: 2+, Monthly Q4 Avg. 2013. These numbers should be kept in mind when considering the following information.

The North American market is ranked in the top five in the world for adopting new media technology. This enthusiasm for all things new and digital is great incentive for magazine media services of all kinds to expand in this huge market. One of the factors making this market particularly attractive to publishers, advertisers and businesses is that the demographics most prevalent for the adopters of digital technology are the very sought-after younger and more affluent consumers.

Canadians and Americans use their computers and smartphones to perform searches, get information and make retail digital transactions well above the global average. To that end, advertising revenue and sales transactions are increasing exponentially, very quickly. Digital publishing is playing a very large role in this trend.

Magazine publishers, readers and advertisers are migrating to mobile which makes magazines easier to find and download.  Mobile access to specific magazine content, on demand and in context, enables readers to easily browse and shop directly from the magazine page. This dynamic is increasing, and will continue as ownership of mobile devices continues to rise. The convenience of reading a favorite magazines anytime and anywhere is opening new channels of opportunity across industries. The shift from desktop access to mobile platforms is in process. The latest statistics suggest that current adopters access the internet for 16 hours per week on a mobile device. Time spent using smartphones has more than tripled over the past few years.

Understanding that the majority of digital adopters own multiple types of mobile devices makes the need for advertisers and merchants to use a multi-pronged approach to their retail strategy urgent. The majority of men and women own both a tablet and smartphone, and the great majority have made a retail purchase using one of their devices.

A very interesting observation is that content is consumed across multiple devices by the same person throughout any given day. With the growth of 4G connectivity, people are connected all day no matter where they are. Very generally, smartphones are used most in the mornings, PCs during the day and tablets during the evening. Tablets and smartphones are also simultaneously used with other devices during a day. Smartphone and tablet owners read magazines on all of their devices and conduct retail transactions on all of them. It has been shown that smartphone and tablet owners read magazines at levels that match or exceed national reading levels. This is great news for digital publishers and their advertisers.

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