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Using Statistics and Analytics to Monetize Your Publication

Turn-Page’s statistical interface allows publishers to gain insight into how their readers engage with content and advertising.

As publishers transition to digital publication design and delivery, they will use analytics to guide them. Publishers no longer have to rely solely on market research, focus groups, online surveys, and other traditional measurement techniques to gain insights into how readers interact with their publication and consume digital content.

This information allows publishers to develop a better understanding of the type of content that drives positive business outcomes and enables them to make more informed decisions about their digital publishing initiatives, which in turn will deliver greater return on investment (ROI).

Publishers can use Turn-Page’s statistical interface to improve the user experience in their digital editions for both editorial and advertising content. Better insights allow publishers to fine-tune the content experience they provide to users. Similarly, better insights into how users are interacting with advertisements helps publishers identify the most engaging ad formats and placements—and establish premium pricing for those units.

The bottom line is to engage readers and pinpoint content performance, which in turn will allow publishers to efficiently produce, distribute, optimize and monetize their content .

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