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Understanding Analytics

According to Wikipedia, “Analytic s is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data.”
Digital magazine publishers are now easily able to look at analytic s data to better understand how their audiences are using their content, whether it’s on the web or in an app. This is great on so many levels, including the ability of publishers to use their finite resources to best serve their readers’ needs. Proof of reader engagement, reading patterns and demographics are also easily extrapolated, enabling publishers to hone in and offer a product that readers really want.
Another important benefit of systematic, organized analytical data is the detailed insights into readers’ interaction they provide. Data helps publishers to refine and adapt their strategies in real time, changing approach as the need arises and gathering feedback instantaneously.
Not all magazines have access to advanced levels of data from their websites and apps, so when starting out it is very important to choose a digital publishing platform like MediaWire that provides the analytic s and metrics needed to fulfill immediate needs and is also scalable to grow with the publication.
Some typical analytic s data sets available to publishers include:
Number and activity of app users, frequency of use per user, time and duration of usage, time spent per issue and article, clicks on links and ads, etc. These data points can be combined and filtered in many ways to get deeper insights into readers’ behavior.

Having a clear picture of reader habits and preferences allows publishers to make informed decisions about what content to produce. It also allows editors and content producers to get feedback in real time so as to know which investments in multimedia and stories have paid off in audience engagement and which haven’t.
Analytic s can provide a lot of insights for editorial staff to share with their advertisers who can then use the information to produce targeted ad campaigns. This comprehensive approach in turn helps to attract new advertisers.
The ever increasing adoption of analytic s by editorial staff and digital publishers is invaluable in making digital magazine publishing less of a guessing game for everyone involved.

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