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The Value-Added Digital Magazine Experience

The Value-Added Digital Magazine Experience
It is becoming obvious that tablets and smartphones have reinvigorated (some might say rescued) the magazine industry. As consumers get used to the new bells and whistles available in digital media, a common complaint is disappointment when a digital version of a magazines offers nothing special or particularly interactive. When consumers buy-in to the digital publishing experience, they understand what the technology is capable of, understand what digital media can do for them, and wonder why some publishers are not doing it yet.

Study after study have the statistics to prove that tablet use is increasing exponentially, that digital media consumers are interactive with the brands that they are loyal to, and that advertising in digital publications is lucrative when done well. The key is doing it well and finding a digital publishing solution that offers comprehensive analytics.

To benefit from consumer engagement, publishers can use Turn-Page’s statistics Interface to count every page visit. An easy to read graph will display how popular each page is and how long pages are viewed. Publishers can use this valuable information to make important decisions on ad and information placement. With Turn-Page, every link clicked is recorded. It is possible to see what links are the most popular and create a report detailing the exact number of prospects collected for advertisers.

Successful publishers are developing digital editions of their magazines that offer extras; features that are not available in printed versions, such as related videos and photo galleries. To mitigate the cost of adding extra features, digital publishers are demanding and consumers are getting accustomed to paying fairly for digital subscriptions when there is added value. In addition, tablet users often wind up at the publishers website for more information, and increased traffic is the perfect opportunity to enhance revenues from internet advertising.
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