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The retail process

Magazines are a very important part in the retail process. Digital magazines are and their print counterparts have always been, a strong influence in the all-important early stages of the purchase, especially where large-ticket items are concerned. Through virtually every retail category, exposure in magazines helps to ensure that a brand remains top-of-mind and gains and keeps credibility and relevance throughout the purchasing process. The stages that a customer goes through from desiring an item or service through to purchasing that item or service can span many weeks or months.

Using the automobile as an example of a major purchase, there are three distinct stages, and magazines have always figured prominently in two of them, and digital magazines are becoming even more important to the process. In a typical scenario, 6-5 months prior to a purchase advertisements in magazines and other media build demand in the customer for the product, and consumer magazine ads are in the top five primary sources of information which include television ads, manufacturers websites, personal contacts and consumer reports and reviews. 4-2 months prior to a purchase, while the customer is still in the information-gathering stage and is considering the purchase, magazine ads again are a primary source for keeping interest. At 4-2 weeks prior to a major purchase, other influencers are at play, but by that time print and digital magazine ads and information have done the job.

In addition to big ticket items such as automobiles and various leisure craft, magazines impact electronics sales, with the internet and magazines being most important information sources to super influential consumers, who have a large circle of influence and are embracers of the latest technology. Magazines are very influential in most other sales categories as well. There are few industries or service providers where digital magazines magazine advertisements over all media have no impact.

Another great benefit to magazine publishers and their advertisers is that magazine readers, and especially digital magazine readers, are tech sector influencers and they have a big impact on entertainment sales. Magazines are a hit among entertainment enthusiasts, and they in turn influence consumers.

Advertising in digital magazines now is a smart investment. Affluent investors read digital magazines, and so do affluent luxury goods buyers. Other categories where magazine content and ads have profound influence are food purchasers and environmentally conscious consumers. Home improvement purchases are profoundly influenced by magazine advertising, and the interactive features available with digital magazines are large influencers for home buyers and owners alike. Healthcare and lifestyle magazine readers are by far the most likely to take action on healthcare ads when compared to the users of any other medium.

Magazines have always made an impact on the purchasing habits of consumers, and digital magazines have added many new features and incentives for more shopping and spending. Advertising in magazines, both print and digital, makes more sense (and dollars) than ever!

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