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The Importance of a Solid App

In today’s mobile world, digital publishers and their marketers must develop mobile applications that are relevant to their businesses and to their customers.

A successfully developed and implemented app has a positive influence on mobile users by giving them a reason to access the Internet on their smartphones or tablets to search, download, and engage the specific app. It is incumbent on the publisher to compel their customers to seek out, obtain, and use the application, and by extension faithfully read and engage with their publication. The challenge for digital publishers is to build a sustainable, successful mobile application strategy for brand owners, customers and advertisers.

Product engagement is paramount to building a sustainable customer experience. Taking action and downloading a branded app is a sign of commitment to a brand, and is an indication to publishers that that person is the most valuable sort of customer. One who is invested in their brand.

What does this mean for publishers and advertisers? It means that it is imperative to own and develop mobile applications that are relevant to their business operations. It also means that it is not enough just to capture attention. It is even more important to keep that attention. Publishers and advertisers must leverage their mobile applications in order to interact and engage their target customers for the long term. To do this, follow up is necessary.

To cultivate user engagement and retention, one option is to send marketing messages with relevant, valuable content to people who have taken an interest in the publication. Analytics are invaluable to discover user preferences and viewing habits. Personalized recommendations, based on understanding customer needs will enable publishers to provide added value to their users. Encouraging customers to share their experiences with a product on social media is another fantastic way to increase readership and customer retention. People feel more loyalty to a brand if they have personally endorsed it, which encourages organic user growth. Ask us about our statistical interface and how it can help you understand your customers.

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