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The digital mobile reading habits of consumers

In various recent studies undertaken by media associations and their ilk, the digital mobile reading habits of consumers who read the digital editions of magazines via mobile magazine software apps on various mobile devices, very interesting findings were discovered.

One study sampled more than 75,000 consumers, and they were pre-screened for their ownership of mobile devices and their use of magazine-branded apps and magazine software. The results from more than 100 people surveyed suggests the following:

Digital publishers and mobile magazine publishers and mobile content producers need to understand that as digital mobile technology and magazine software evolves, it is becoming more apparent that smartphones and tablets continue to play increasingly different roles in consumers’ lives. Because magazine software and mobile publishing is relatively new, a majority of tablet and smartphone owners have been reading or viewing mobile publications on their digital devices such as tablets and smartphones, for less than one or two years, while a lesser amount of people have been e-reading for longer. People consume information on different devices and in different ways based on where they are and what they are doing at any given time. It has become clear to mobile magazine publishers that time, location and device are the key attributes behind consumers’ daily media use, and magazine software is being used to take that information into account. Smartphones and being mobile have become critical to functioning in daily life while tablets are more and more considered to be vehicles for mobile entertainment and other media.

Consumers now use their smartphones, tablets, and to a lesser degree their desktops, in tandem with traditional print media to multitask; for example, when reading traditional print media in various settings, many smartphone users also check email, shop online, peruse social media, and browse the internet. Tablets are used for mobile access as well, but tablet owners tend to listen to music while reading print. Tablets and other mobile devices are becoming sophisticated e-readers because of the sophisticated magazine software now available. As mobile magazine publishers become savvier and offer mobile magazine software that is versatile and intuitive, consumers will increasingly make the switch from print to digital. As mobile magazine software and content improves and mobile magazine publishers continue to make enhancements to the reading experience, more people will adopt the new mobile technology.

An interesting and unexpected finding has been that people who use mobile magazine software to read their digital publications tend to read more printed magazines since

they began using mobile magazine software, and many people say that they are reading more total magazine issues than they did before discovering mobile magazines.

Mobile magazine publishers must remember that people remain loyal to the brands that they like and will continue to consume that content across platforms as long as the magazine software provides them with an experience that is satisfying. Consumers who subscribe to print editions of magazines are oftentimes willing to pay for the digital magazine software required for the experience if it is worthwhile to them and gives them value.

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