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It is an accepted view within the advertising industry that magazines drive purchase intent. That holds true for traditional print publications and is an ever-increasing reality with digital publications and mobile publishing applications. In fact, the vast array of options with new technology have created new venues and methods of mixing advertising and more options are being presented every day.

Brands who invest in magazine advertising as part of their overall marketing strategy find that they have higher favorability scores when polled. Numerous studies show that magazines are the only medium which show a consistent positive correlation between higher ad investment levels and higher favorability scores. Consumers are more likely to uniquely favor or consider the brands to be the best in their field.

According to data reported in Magazines Canada’s Consumer Fact Book 2014, respondents questioned about the impact of television commercials stated that those respondents who had also seen magazine ads for the same product produced scores that were well above the control group (those who saw the TV ads but not the magazine ads). Respondents were carefully screened to ensure similar socio-demographics, media exposure levels and other characteristics.


Using the automotive industry as an example of the positive impact of magazine advertising as part of a broad-based marketing campaign, the following findings from Magazines Canada show definitively that magazines as well as the internet are trusted paid media sources for those looking to purchase an automobile.

As a trusted source for information about the auto industry, magazines are one of the top “paid” media sources that consumers seek out. Print magazines, and increasingly their digital equivalents, play a very important role in driving recall throughout the entire path-to-purchase. Compared to the current cost to advertise on television, magazine advertising is great value for the money. Print magazines, digital magazines, tablet magazine access, as well as mobile apps on smartphones are all highly efficient at reaching auto category influencers.

During their purchasing process, automobile customers place high importance on dealerships and company websites. Third-party industry websites also are used, including digital editions of automotive magazines. Magazines are among intenders’ top paid channels through the purchase cycle. During the evaluation stage in their path to purchase, consumers find that magazines, both print and digital, play a significant role in the information gathering and short-listing stages of the auto purchase process where auto intenders decide which make/model to buy.

Another interesting fact in the Magazines Canada piece is that the more magazines read, the higher the price paid for an automobile. The number of magazines read is also a predictor of higher prices paid for eco-friendly autos.

The bottom line is this: MAGAZINE MEDIA ADS MOTIVATE AUTO PURCHASES, and this finding is true for other industries as well.

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