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Smartphones and Digital Publishing

Smartphones, typically always within reach, allow users stay in touch and connect with whomever, wherever and whenever. They are the entertainment hub, providing access to magazine apps and other preferred content. Magazine apps facilitate access to social media, targeted internet browsing, shopping and, of course, companion reading activity. Your favorite magazines easily go where you go.


With new numbers out from many sources saying that consumers prefer native apps to web-based experiences, smartphones are the perfect vehicle for publishers to share content and advertisers to reach customers with their digital publications.

Mobile phone ownership in Canada continues to increase with smartphones comprising nearly 30% of all mobile phones. Digital reach is growing and new markets emerging.

According to Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, Missouri School of Journalism, University of Missouri, 2

012, in Magazines Canada Fact Book 2012, Owners of mobile devices regularly perform a wide array of activities each day including leisure reading (54%), 17% of whom spend more than one hour per day reading. This suggests that many opportunities are available for publishers to engage their readers with interactive content and showcase advertisements in unique ways.

The potential for digital publishing applications geared toward the smartphone’s physical attributes and to their users, is unlimited.  Let us show you how. 

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