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Quizzes as Revenue and Traffic Generators

Online quizzes are everywhere, and the numbers they are producing are astronomical. In terms of “clicks” and “stick”, quizzes are by far the hottest trend online. Many popular digital style magazines are reporting their largest increases in terms of ad pages and revenue in online magazine issues that feature quizzes.

Digital magazine advertisers are thrilled about the format because they can be seamlessly integrated into editorial content without having to explicitly denote that the content is in fact an advertisement. The confusion that some readers might have differentiating between ads and editorial content will have to be addressed as the format evolves. At this time it is usually only the byline on a quiz that indicates the name of the company and that the quiz is sponsored content.

Sponsored quizzes are one example of the ways digital publishers are working with brands to help create and run native advertising across their digital sites.

Personality quizzes are not new. They have been around for decades, gracing the covers of women’s and teen magazines with questions designed to lure them in. Experts say the phenomenon isn’t surprising given the ancient desire to compare ourselves with others age and the ability to reach a wide audience in this social media-obsessed society. Fortunately, digital magazines and publications are the perfect formats to take quizzes to the next level.

There are no specific rules regarding the formula for making a successful quiz, but each one follows the same proven concept: start with the results and work backward based on the general personality traits that go with each answer. For a quiz to go “viral” it must make people believe that the answer applies to them personally and it must validate some positive, fundamental belief that a person has. What makes an online quiz so addictive is that the results can be shared with hundreds of friends and generate instant feedback.

Quizzes should be upbeat and positive. They are a feel-good fix and give people a fun, interactive interlude while online. A successful quiz gives a momentary thrill and gets the participant coming back for more. The best quizzes create an addiction of sorts. They should be designed to affirm the best in our nature and how we see ourselves. Quizzes are an investment of time so the payback should be positive and self-validating.

Advertisers and digital publishing content generators want their products and services to make people feel good about themselves and the best ad campaigns leave a lasting, positive impression. Quizzes are uniquely suited to giving those results because when they are created with their target audience in mind, they provide people with a fun few minutes to affirm that they are indeed all right.

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