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Social Media Marketing

“Why Should You Invest in Social Media Marketing?”

The publishing industry has become a technology-driven enterprise, and maintaining a pertinent online
presence is imperative. There is no question that social media is important. However, it is critical to
realize that this is not a quick game. Social Media Marketing is a strategic process.

With myriad opportunities and venues available, it is imperative to hone your message and become the
go-to authority on whatever subject you choose to address. It’s better to have deeper penetration in a
few spaces than infrequent activity across a wide variety. Quality and consistency are key. can create and manage all of the components necessary for a successful, effective social
media marketing strategy.

Our offerings include:

Market Research

Market Research Report (Market summary, market demographics, Competitive Landscape analysis,
SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), Recommendations, conclusions).

To reach your market you must identify your audience. You must understand their online behaviors;
only then can you identify appropriate tactics and strategies to have the most impact. Simply put, when
you know who is listening you will know what to say.

Traffic Building

The primary activity that people engage in online is conducting research, so your business must become
good at sharing information that encourages your audience to interact with you in various spaces.

Your website must become the authoritative domain (hub). Everything your business has to offer and
all information that you want to share should flow to and from your site, and all other related digital
properties will feed from it and into one another. will direct traffic to your site by establishing an integrated online presence on popular
social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. We can begin and maintain the
dialogue between your company and your customers by creating and administering blogs and writing
and publishing press releases.

Analytics and Metrics

Internet marketing initiatives are probably the most easily tracked of any type of advertising. The application already provides a powerful demographics and user behavior tool, and
this technology can be used to help you understand where your website traffic is coming from, how
long they’re staying on your site, what pages are most popular, and allow for real-time comparisons
regarding the effectiveness of different initiatives.

Reputation Monitoring

People will be talking about you, and it will be done online. Word of mouth, peer recommendations,
etc., whatever the behavior it is now easier than ever to spread positive or negative information across
the web about somebody or something. You need to be part of that conversation. can
aid with monitoring your reputation.

To sum up…

A successful social media marketing campaign is organized, specific and long-term. It is imperative to
have a purposeful strategy to slowly feed information to your customer. This process slowly brings your
target audience up to speed with respect to an understanding of the subject, builds up the trust level
of the recipient, and gets them used to receiving valuable information from you. The goal of course is
to make the customer want to enter a business relationship with your company, and to provide enough
information to make their decision a natural progression for them. can make it happen!