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Turn-Page Mobile

iPhone & Other Mobile Device Features

Turn-page now support for iPhone/iPad and Android for mobile viewing, increasing the reach of your publications.

Features include page flipping, article lists, social bookmarking, e-mail sharing, page thumbnails, zoom and links. Publishers can also customize options and colors to create a unique branded environment.

Small screen, Big results

With the mobile-friendly Turn-Page, users can engage with your publications the same way as they do on larger screens. Readers navigate by the click of a button, and press anywhere to zoom in.

Just as Interactive

Viewers can zoom-in, email their friends, and social bookmark directly from the mobile interface, with the press of a finger! Even page and website links are accessible, along with the table of contents.

No need to Install Anything

Your readers don’t have to install any apps, they just go to your page as usual and the page displays in a mobile-friendly manner.*

Text-only mode

If text is small and hard to read on your user’s device they can press “T” to hastily load only the text on the current page. The interface auto-adjusts to landscape or portrait mode on the fly!

*technical requirements: Javascript and images must be enabled. A minimum screen resolution of 320px x 320px. While the interface may work with other devices, it has currently been tested to work with iPhone 2.0+/iPod Touch/iPad/Google Android (specifically the Motorola DROID and HTC devices).