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Flip Page Software will Increase Readership

Turn-Page’s Flip Page Software Increases Ad Revenue

Why Publish Online?

For all your digital publishing needs

  • Increase ad revenue
  • Lower business costs
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Real-time statistics
  • Increase your reach
  • Fully Google search-able
  • Customizable interface

Turn on to Turn-Page

Whether you publish magazines, fliers, books, newspapers, catalogs or promotional booklets our flip book software offers an easy, low cost method to turn your documents into interactive online publications. Turn-Page not only digitalizes your publications-it transforms it into a whole new user-friendly interactive experience. Users can flip through animated pages full of images and articles as if the publication was directly in front of them. But that’s not all: videos can be viewed, links can be accessed, songs and sound clips can play directly from the interactive pages. With our easy to use digital publishing software the whole experience of reading your publications can become a vibrant interactive activity. Nearly 98% percent of all internet surfers will have easy access to your online publications!

Turn Your Publication into a Vibrant New Interactive Experience!

Imagine a publication in which the text is not only accompanied by pictures but by videos with audio clips as well. Embedded links allow a users to browse and choose at leisure their desired information. With a simple click an advertisement can lead a reader directly to the products website, more information and a purchase will be directly at hand! With an interface that can integrate Flash, Javascript, HTML, and other forms of media straight to the sidebar the possibilities for your publications become fascinating and endless.

An Indispensable Statistics Flip Book software for Publishers

Publishers and Editors can obtain a diverse amount of valuable date and useful statistics using our unique and friendly statistics interface. A multitude of statistics are gathered to fit all your needs: the frequency of visitations and what links were visited are counted, time spent on each page of your publication, geographical locations of readers and whether their visits resulted in a sale. This valuable data can be accessed in real-time and immediately: you can watch how each decision affects the success of your publication. With this easy to read interface is consulted important marketing decisions can be made based on a multitude of reliable and up-to-date information. Try out our FREE TRIAL and see the benefits of our Turn-Page profile yourself! Watch your PDF file become a new interactive page-flipping document with our FREE trial!