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Go Green!

Turn-Page is always an environmentally friendly solution. It reduces the need for printing and paper usage, saving trees and decreasing green houses gases.

The World Resources Institute deems deforestation as one of the most serious environmental issues facing the world today. In a time where the destruction of the environment is becoming increasingly alarming, every positive action counts.

Some facts:

  • 1.5 Billion tons of carbon is released into our atmosphere yearly due to tropical deforestation alone.
  • Every minute an area of land equal to 20 football fields is lost every minute.
  • If recent trends continue by the end of the century nearly half of the world`s plants, animals and micro-organisms will be threatened or extinct due to deforestation.
  • 137 species of plants and animals native to rainforests are lost a day due to deforestation.
  • 25% of Western pharmaceuticals are derived from rainforest ingredients, although less than 1% rainforest plants have been tested for possible health benefits

More and more conscious industries, businesses, and advertisers are turning to greener methods to distribute their publications. Turn-Page is the perfect solution in a world where digital and greener methods are becoming more and more popular and effective.