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Basic Features

Page Flipping Features

The beauty of Turn-Page lies in its simplicity! You have access to a modular Flash flip page technology which offers to paper content editors a freedom without compromise. With the basic Turn-Page version, you have access to the following options.

Embed HTML, Flash, and Widgets

Integrate HTML code, advertisements, twitter feeds, and much more into your document

See Every Detail

Your readers get a high-resolution reading experience for even the finest print using Turn-Page

Share with Social Media sites

Use the built-in social bookmarking tools to promote your Turn-Page flip book. Share your publication on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Digg.

Search within your Publication

Your Turn-Page publication is searchable by keyword giving your readers rapid access to the content they’re looking for

Search Engine Friendly

Turn-Page publications are completely indexed by search engines and can increase the chances that your publication will be found

Brand Turn-Page

Add your logo and color scheme to your digital reader to streamline with your existing marketing effort

Streaming Video

Embed videos and animation to take publishing to the next level. You’re in control with features such as auto-play and play-on-zoom.

In-Depth Statistics

See which pages are being read the most and for how long! Get real-time statistics and increase adverting income by placing ads next to popular content

Email Subscription

New readers can sign up to be notified when a new issue comes out. You can even specify that new subscribers can only read once their emails have been verified.

Import Your Existing Subscribers

Import existing subscribers from your current database with ease! Once they’re in the Turn-Page system, you can just as easily export back to CSV or Excel format

Email Marketing

Contact your subscribers with scheduled, personalized, emails delivered whenever and how often you choose.

Perfect for Coupons

Predefine clipping areas such as coupons so your readers can easily email to their friends or print in hi-res!