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Product updates and bug fixes.

We’ve made a big system update today that we know will give you even more tools to make your publication engaging, dynamic and interactive.

1) Page Widgets: Embed pretty much ANYTHING overlaying your pages

  • Any external content like websites, videos or scripts can be embedded to overlay your pages
  • From youtube videos, to facebook “like” buttons, to twitter feeds and linkedin shares, we’ve got some great widgets already built for you.  You just need to set some fields to get these displaying right on your pages
  • Choose the platform you want or don’t want the widget to display. Don’t show flash widgets on mobile devices which can’t load flash OR target an advertisement widget to tablet users.  You’ve got a lot of flexibilty with this tool.
  • The only limitation is your imagination!  You can start designing your publications with these widgets in mind.
  • PageWidgetImage screenshot shows an embedded youtube video, a facebook like button, and a linked in share button
  • PageWidgetOptions screenshot below shows the optional widgets you can add to your pages

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