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This blog article is the last of our exploration of the 2012-2013 Magazine Media Factbook by MPA, The Association of Magazine Media. Be sure to visit to read the whole survey.

Have you ever wondered who exactly owns tablets? The answer clearly is magazine readers. Tablet owners are 60% more likely to be heavy users of printed magazines. According to GfK MRI & Omniture/Condé Nast, Spring 2011, digital reading habits reflect printed behaviors. Engagement metrics for digital editions are closer to magazines for time spent, in contrast to shorter grab-and-go website visits. People who read magazines read them in a similar manner, whether in print or digital format.

While the Apple iPad has been the most dominant tablet to date, Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets are growing exponentially year to year, with an estimated 27.8 million units sold in 2014. 53% of tablets in 2016 will be iPads.

Americans plan to purchase more tablets, and tablet owners are more educated and affluent compared with the general public. 51% of tablet owners are college graduates, compared to 28% of the general public, and 53% of tablet owners have a family income of $75K or more, compared to 28% of the general public.

This number is amazing…760 million people globally will own a tablet by 2016, including one-third of Americans. Source: Forrester Forecast, April 2012.

Readers engage with tablets at home, mainly in the evening and at night. They use their tablets for personal email, surfing the internet, social networking, watching videos and for reading e-books and e-magazines, in that order. 62% of U.S. tablet owners use them for reading magazines and books.

Digital ads make an impact. 74% of those surveyed recalled seeing ads when reading the enhanced issue. 70% of tablet owners say that they want to be able to buy items by clicking on an ad in a digital magazine.

Digital readers like and want ads. Magazines are the perfect medium to deliver. Ask us about it.

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