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Print & Digital Magazine Publishing Unite

The data shows that print magazines and their digital counterparts work in tandem to strengthen each other.

75% of consumers feel that digital content complements print content* and that “digital extras” such as video, slide shows and audio content enhances the magazine reading experience.

85% of digital consumer magazine readers are satisfied/very satisfied with their digital experience** and the ongoing launch of digital brand extensions ensures continued relevance to readers, new and emerging audiences, continued industry competitiveness and 360˚ marketing surround.

Digital magazines make print magazines better, and they offer extra benefits to readers!

Availability - Digital issues keep on giving. Current and back issues can be accessed immediately online.

Search Engine Friendly - Readers looking for specific information can arrive at a digital magazine page just as easily as they can a website.

Dynamic - Digital magazines can be accessed and read on smartphones, tablets and eReaders, anywhere and anytime.

Timeliness - When time matters, digital magazines deliver time-sensitive information to readers quickly.

Magazines have always been about high engagement at a very personal level. Magazine readers, whether of consumer magazines or trade publications, are loyal to the brand.

Add extra content and interactive features that digital provides, and a good thing just got even better. Digital media are the perfect complement to the printed page. and offer a one-stop solution to get your printed publication into the digital realm. Ask us how.

 *Source: Harrison Group/Zinio/ MEMS Technologies, 2010

 **(Source: Texterity/BPA Worldwide Certified Profile of the Digital Edition Reader, 2010. N = 9,443 digital consumer magazine readers)8

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