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Optimize Your Mobile Marketing

Digital marketers understand that using native apps is a necessary practice in order to deliver highly customized and relevant mobile experiences for their customers.

Mobile searches, mostly on smartphones will very soon surpass desktop searches, and the big search engines are beginning to demand that companies optimize their websites for mobile users, lest they suffer penalties. This does make sense though, because the vast majority of the time consumers spend in online retail occurs on mobile devices.

One good result of the continuous digital experience that most consumers have is that companies have an opportunity to adjust and adapt to their needs by tracking and learning from every digital engagement through different media and devices. Using analytics and the data-gathering features in all CRM solutions allows marketers to continuously leverage every touch point with the customer.

It is important to engage with customers through all points of the consumer life cycle. It is no longer sufficient to pay attention to just the end result, which is making the sale. Focus and attention must be paid to all aspects of the consumer/brand relationship in order to make it long lasting and lucrative for all parties. It is important to leverage optimization techniques in all digital interactive modes and channels. The web is not the be-all and end-all when it comes to customer outreach. Social media is arguably even more important than websites.

Mobile marketing, including web-based applications, and native apps is evolving to deliver high-impact experiences, using the full potential of the very powerful mobile devices now available. Mobile apps are now fundamental to digital marketing. It is commonly thought that native ads in apps and on mobile sites now have two-to-five times more engagement than banner ads, for example.

Some of the ways to optimize mobile marketing include collecting mobile app and customer data at every interaction, extending tagging to mobile apps, integrating all data, including mobile data, online and offline statistics, as well as all offsite data that can be collected. In this way it will be possible to create multi-channel user profiles.

Optimize the mobile app experience by identifying what works best for users, and reacting to it by adjusting in-app content in real-time. Personalized mobile app content that addresses the needs of individual customers is possible by combining information gleaned from every channel and touch point.

The concept of “everywhere marketing” is the ability to deliver highly customized and relevant across every channel and touch point. Mobile apps are one in a variety of methods to continuously optimize the supplier/customer relationship.

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