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More Great Things About Magazines

It might not be immediately obvious, but for digital and print magazine publishers, the fact that business executives trust magazine advertisements is a very, very good thing. While it is commonly understood that consumers are often cynical about advertising, management perceives that magazine readers are more likely to trust magazine advertising vs. the population as a whole.

According to Magazine Canada’s Consumer Magazine Fact Book 2014, 17% of all consumers agree with the statement; ‘I trust the advertiser more when they are advertising in a magazine I trust’. This increases to 22% among the C-Suite. C-Suite executives were also more likely to visit a website after seeing an advertisement in a magazine.

Many of the ads placed in special- and even in general-interest magazines are catering to a very specific readership demographic, and they typically do not garner many consumer complaints, reinforcing the view that magazines are a trusted advertising sources.

Because magazines are held in such high esteem by their subscribers and causal readers, they reach and engage all types of consumers including luxury prospects, which is an important demographic for digital magazine publishers and advertisers across the board.

Magazines readers are an advertiser’s best customers. They’re typically more affluent, technologically savvy and are influencers in their socio-economic circles. Magazine readers are often very loyal to the brands they use, and become informal spokespeople for them.  Magazine media, both print and digital, grabs and holds the attention of affluent consumers and the also attract wealthy advertisers. Magazines are deemed to be highly effective at reaching and influencing luxury prospects, ranking in first or second place, depending on household income of $75,000+ or $250,000+, according to Magazine’s Canada.

Digital magazine readers are devoted to the media, even though there are evermore choices in the way people can get their news and information. With the availability of magazines in both tradition and digital formats, other media is having limited impact on the magazine experience.

The Fact Book 2014 shows that 92% of consumers read a magazine at least once a week, and that 94% of all consumers expect to read the same amount of magazines or more in the next 12 months. These are great numbers for advertisers and publishers alike! Another great thing about magazine readers, and what makes them a very sought-after demographic, is that magazine readers are less likely to multitask when reading, compared to when they are engaged in other media. Almost 4 in 10 TV viewers (38%) surf the internet while watching TV, and more than a quarter use a mobile phone at the same time.

Magazines are able to capture and hold attention better than any other medium, and digital publications more so than any other new technology. Consumers enjoy fully focusing on magazines without any distractions. Consumers typically set aside time to read their magazines. They focus and pay attention to magazine content and advertisements, and typically enjoy the entire reading experience.

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