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More Good News About Magazines

In our continuing exploration of the ways and reasons that magazines are more relevant than ever, we take advantage of the fantastic resource that is the MPA, The Association of Magazine Media. MPA publishes a yearly Magazine Media Factbook, and the latest edition, 2012/2013 is full of interesting facts and statistics. All of the numbers quoted in this blog article are from this report. You can find more information and updates at

Who reads magazines? How many people read magazines? How engaged are magazine readers?

• 92% of Americans read magazines…92% of adults, 95% of those under 35 and 96% of those under 25.
• The median age of magazine readers reflects the U.S. population.
• Young readers are heavy users.
• Adults under 35 read more issues per month than adults 35+
• Magazines have a diverse audience:
* 92%of African-American adults are magazine readers, equal to the total population. They read an average of 15.1 issues per month, compared to 10.4 issues per month for all U.S. adults.
* 92%of Asian-American adults read magazines, equal to the total population and also African-American adults. They read an average of 10.8 issues a month, closely resembling the average number of issues for all U.S. adults.
* 86%of adult Hispanic-Americans read magazines. They read an average of 11.3 issues per month, slightly higher than the U.S. average.
• The top 25 magazines reach more adults and teens than TV, and readership starts strong and keeps on growing.
• Magazines mean engagement. The average reader spends 41 minutes reading each issue.
• Magazine readership doesn’t take a vacation. Audiences are consistent month-to-month.
• Magazine media delivers strong ad recall. 55% vs. 54% of consumers who noted a magazine ad displayed on their digital device versus in a printed magazine.
• Consumers experience magazine ads as credible, informative and welcome.
• Magazines are second only to TV in dominant ad interest and readers trust magazine advertising.

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