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The new buzz-word right now is Content Marketing. Simply put, content marketing is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers. Content marketing focuses on communicating with customers, not on selling per se.

The data tells us that traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective, and with digital technology improving and expanding, the time is right to rethink the old way of getting your message across.

Content marketing is a long term process that attracts and retains customers by giving them relevant and valuable content and information with the intent to influence their behavior over time. Content marketing is only one part of a complete, integrated marketing strategy.

Content marketing is the act of communicating with your customers without selling. It is about giving them information in a way that educates and entices, and even suggests, but does not try to close the sale. Instead, content marketing delivers information that makes your customer informed about your products and services. At its most basic, this marketing model posits that if a business delivers good, trustworthy information that is valuable to their target market, the customers will be loyal to their products and offerings.

A successful marketing strategy is only as good as the content it provides. Great marketing is impossible without great content. Giving your customers and prospects information in a systemic, well-timed manner over time keeps them engaged and apt to keep your product or service top-of-mind when they are ready to buy. It’s the ultimate dream for a marketer – customers who look forward to receiving your marketing! It is possible.

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