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Mobile Apps For Magazines Going Mainstream

The Association of Magazine Media commissioned a study among consumers who read the digital editions of magazines via mobile apps designed for tablets and eReaders.

The sample source for the study was a pool of more than 75,000 consumers that were pre-screened for their ownership of mobile devices and their use of magazine-branded apps. 1009 people completed the survey, which took place in November 2011.

Some of the findings suggest the following:

Publishers and content producers need to understand that as digital technology evolves, it is becoming more apparent that smartphones and tablets play increasingly different roles in consumers’ lives. According to the survey, 68% of tablet owners have been reading or viewing publications on their digital devices for less than one year, while 32% of respondents have been e-reading for one year or more.

People consume information in different ways based on where they are and what they are doing at a particular time. It is clear that time, location and device are the key attributes behind consumers’ daily media use. Smartphones have become critical to functioning in daily life while tablets are considered to be vehicles for entertainment and media.

Consumers use their smartphones and tablets in tandem with traditional print media to multitask; for example, when reading traditional print media in a casual setting, many smartphone users also check email, shop online, peruse social media, and browse the internet. Tablet owners listen to music while reading print. Tablets are becoming sophisticated e-reader devices and as they become more versatile and intuitive, consumers will make the switch from print to digital. This assumes of course that digital content improves and enhances the reading experience.

12% of respondents say that they are reading more copies of printed magazines since they began reading digital magazines, 48% say that they read fewer print copies and 40% say that they read the same number of print publications as they did before they began reading in digital form. 46% said that they are reading more total magazine issues than they did one year ago.

It appears that people still remain loyal to the brands that they like and will continue to consume that content across platforms as long as the experience is satisfying. Consumers who subscribe to print editions of magazines are willing to pay for the digital experience if it is worthwhile.

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