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Magazine Readers Are Social

MPA (The Association of Magazine Media), recently conducted a study designed to explore the impact of social media on the magazine reading experience among traditional print and digital magazine readers (age 18-34) who are social media users. They discovered that social media use is rapidly transforming how magazine readers interact with and share magazine content.

From the study:

“Magazine readers 18–34 are highly connected social media users. For the most part, those 18–34 personally own a digital device and access multiple social platforms. They have a healthy appetite for media and believe that technology has improved the experience of accessing media. Avid magazine readers are connecting directly with magazines and editors via social media.

Those who consider themselves “avid magazine readers” are considerably above average in all things social. They also interact to a much higher degree with magazine content and even directly with magazine editors via Twitter exchanges. The majority “follow” a magazine on Twitter or “like” a magazine on Facebook.

Sharing magazine content is important to young digital readers. Avid magazine readers and multiple platform social users are in the vanguard for sharing content with friends and they do it to a high degree using social devices. Most chat with friends on Facebook while reading a magazine and share what they are reading. A substantial majority also re-tweet articles from a magazine’s Twitter feed.”

The full research study is available at

The connection between reading magazines and using social media and new technology is very important for digital publishers. The opportunity to build a loyal audience who organically advertise your brand through sharing articles and posting reviews makes advertising dollars literally go farther than ever before. Let us tell you how to make it happen.

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