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Magazine Media

MPA, The Association of Magazine Media, is a fantastic resource for the publishing industry. This is what they have to say about magazine media:

“Magazine Media transcend any one platform. Whether they are consumed in print, on tablets, on a smartphone or on the web, Magazine Media fulfill readers’ desires for timely information and entertainment that appeal to a broad spectrum of personal interests. The enormous impact and the prominent role Magazine Media play in culture, society and the economy earn the medium a unique industry-wide selling proposition:

Magazine Media deliver powerful relationships that influence, inspire, and endure. The Magazine Media brand experience is based on trusted editorial, complemented by relevant advertising. This dual immersion in edit and ads satisfies the interests and passions of millions of readers – when, where, and how they choose. The reader’s commitment to this unique brand experience results in superior levels of ad receptivity, online search, purchase intent, and extraordinary engagement in and sharing of both edit and ads.”

Some statistics to back up that claim are:

• Paid subscriptions increased nearly 1% for the second half of 2012 vs. 2011 (2)
• In the past six months, 91% of all adults (18+) read a print or digital magazine; adults (under 35), 94%; and younger (under 25), 96% (3)
• Made online purchases in the last 30 days: magazine readers, 47%; non-readers, 26%(3)
• The top 25 magazines reach 48% more adults and 193% more teens than the top 25 regularly scheduled primetime TV shows (4)
• Median number of issues read last month: 7 and, among “heavy” magazine readers,20 (3)
• 40% of tablet owners access magazine content on their device (5)
• 14 of the top 15 highest-grossing iPad “Lifestyle” apps in iTunes are associated with magazine brands (6)

Sources:(2) AAM, 2012; (3) GfK MRI, Spring 2013; (4) Carat Insights/Nielsen/GfK MRI, 2012-2013; (5) comScore, 2012; (6) iTunes, 2013

• Digital-only magazine audiences grew +48% from Spring, 2012 to Fall, 2012 (3)
• Among social media users who also read magazines:
56% follow a magazine on Twitter
51% retweet articles from a magazine’s Twitter feed
49% follow a magazine editor on Twitter
47% post magazine articles to Facebook (4)

Sources: (3) GfK MRI, 2012; (4) GfK MRI/MPA, 2012

• Magazines rank as the #1 medium for advertising acceptance (76%); TV ranked 3rd with 58% of U.S. adults stating TV advertising should not be eliminated (1)

Source: (1) ORC Caravan, Feb

• Magazines rank high in triggering online search for more information about a product or service

Source: Prosper Media Behaviors and InfluenceTM Survey, December 2012

• Among tablet owners who access magazine content:
67% are interested in buying directly from ads they see
62% are interested in buying directly from articles and features (1)
• Top 10 magazines have more than twice the Twitter followers than the top 10 primetime TV shows (2)
• 51% retweet articles from a magazine’s Twitter feed (3)
• Among social media users who also read magazines:
56% of Pinterest users follow a magazine or re-pin content on the platform (3)
42% of Facebook users chat with friends on Facebook while reading a magazine and share what they’re reading (3)
• 36% of smartphone users who access magazine content have scanned a QR code from a PRINT magazine (3)
• 76% of Americans want to see advertising in the magazines they read (4)
• 20% of Americans have used a QR code (5)

Sources: (1) ORC Caravan, May 2013; (2), 2012; (3) GfK MRI/MPA, 2012; (4) ORC Caravan, Feb. 2013; (5) Pitney Bowes QR Code Usage Study 2012

It is obvious that magazines are powerful influencers and the media of choice for many, and digital publishing is expanding and improving the reach of the magazine format. There is room for both digital and traditional magazines and opportunity for publishers abound.

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