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Magazine Advertising Delivers Premium Customers

Print media has always been the perfect vehicle to engage and cater to early adopters of new technology and societal influencers. With the explosion of digital publishing, the opportunities are growing even more lucrative.

Advertisers and publishers who leverage print and digital magazines in their campaigns will get access to  key customer segments who have brand loyalty, share their views by word of mouth, and use social networking broadly.

Word of mouth recommendation is becoming the Holy Grail in a media environment where consumer trust is becoming more and more critical to communicate and engage with customers effectively. Digital and print magazines by their very nature establish a regular dialogue with key consumers and influential readers. People who read magazines are trusted influencers and they recommend products and services to others.

A wonderful benefit for magazine advertisers is the fact that more than any other medium, consumers enjoy reading magazine ads. They are viewed as educational, non-obtrusive and some consumers even like them more than the content itself. Digital and print magazine reading evokes a general feeling of personal engagement with the medium.

With the ever-increasing way that we are exposed to information, it is becoming harder and harder to gain the attention of today’s consumer. Engaging the consumer and giving them an immersive, complete, memorable experience is increasingly important. The more engaging the medium and the message, the better chance advertisers have of achieving a meaningful, relevant and long-term relationship with their target audience. Historically, magazines have always performed well across all engagement dimensions, especially ad attention and receptivity.

Readers who claim to be highly engaged with a particular magazine consistently score higher across a range of ad receptivity metrics than those who don’t claim high engagement. Engaged readers see more, trust the source more, and often buy more!

The digital magazine format gives readers a feeling of being in control of the medium, able to move around the publication at their own pace to their specific needs. The ability to interact with advertisements and other content in various ways gives the customer a feeling of satisfaction and instant gratification, making their effort well worth their time.

Magazine advertisements are accepted as a good and important part of the reading experience. Readers trust magazine advertising, and so do corporate executives. While consumers are somewhat cynical about advertising in general, corporate leaders tend to trust magazine advertising more than the population as a whole.


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