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Magazine Ads. The Numbers Don’t Lie.

Print and digital magazines are a strong influence in the all-important early stages of the purchase, especially where large-ticket items are concerned. This helps ensure that a brand makes it to the finals when the number of contenders is small. The stages that a customer goes through from desiring an item or service through to purchasing that item or service can span many weeks or months.

For major purchases such as automobiles, there are three distinct stages, and magazines figure prominently in two of them. 6-5 months prior to a purchase, advertisements build demand in the customer for the product, and consumer magazine ads are in the top five primary sources of information, which include television ads, manufacturers websites, personal contacts and consumer reports. 4-2 months prior to a purchase, while the customer maintains consideration for the purchase, magazine ads again are a primary source for keeping interest. At 4-2 weeks prior to a major purchase, other influencers are at play but by that time, magazine ads have done the job!

In addition to big ticket items, magazines impact electronics sales, with the internet and magazines being most important to super influential consumers.

Magazines are very influential in other sales categories as well. There are few industries/service providers where magazine advertisements have no impact.

• Magazine readers are tech sector influencers, and they have a big impact on entertainment sales.
• Magazines are a hit among entertainment enthusiasts. Magazines influence the influencers, who in turn influence consumers!
• Magazine advertising is a smart investment. Affluent investors read magazines, and so do affluent luxury goods buyers.

Some of the other categories where magazine content and ads have profound influence are food purchasers, environmentally conscious consumers, home improvement purchases are profoundly influenced by magazine advertising, and so are healthcare and lifestyle purchasers, where the MARS OTC/DTC Study, April 2012 reveals that magazine readers are by far the most likely to take action on healthcare ads when compared to the users of any other medium.

What all of this says is that MAGAZINES AND SHOPPING GO HAND-IN HAND, and in every shopping segment, magazines make an impact.

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MPA, The Association of Magazine Media. MPA publishes a yearly Magazine Media Factbook, and the latest edition, 2012/2013 is full of interesting facts and statistics. We got our information for this blog article are from this report. You can find more information and updates at

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