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Let’s Talk About Subscription Management!

One of the most exciting features about the digital magazine software is that it allows publishers to use the information that their clients provide to improve their digital publications and create a superior user experience.

The first feature that comes to mind when looking for digital magazine software is the ability to import your existing database. For good reason. Using customer data to improve your offering and make a better digital magazine experience is one of the reasons for the growing success of digital publishing.

With importing your existing subscribers from your local database is easy. Once they’re in the Turn-Page system, you can just as easily export them back to CSV or Excel format.

Creating email campaigns is another exciting subscription management tool available with Turn-Page. Custom, targeted and personalized emails keep your subscribers informed and engaged, and create loyalty to your brand. Reach out directly to your subscribers whenever and how often you choose.

Another benefit of our digital magazine software is the ability it gives you to streamline your digital publishing process with’s FTP Scheduler. You are in complete control of the process, from scheduling to where and when to pick up new PDFs from your FTP server. If it suits our client, we’ll even merge multiple files into one and publish the new issue on schedule. This is true digital subscription management!

We also offer subscribers the ability to sign-up online. New readers that find your issue can sign-up directly via a subscription form. We can help you set the default values for fields that are hidden. You can even specify that new subscribers can only read your magazine once their emails have been verified. Add custom HTML and text to give your viewers a custom experience – perfect for sponsorship or advertising.

You authenticate the user, and Turn-Page acts as the security layer between the user and your content. We pass on the credentials and you decide whether to allow access or not. You can allow potentials to preview your digital magazine content before they decide to subscribe. Entice new potential subscribers by giving them a short preview of your publication. When they reach the end of the preview, they’ll be prompted to log in or sign up. Tiered levels of access can be switch on by the client by limiting IP addresses to username and password access behind a subscription system.

With Turn-Page, digital magazine publishers have the opportunity to harvest new readers’ emails, which passively builds a database! By using our security feature, publishers simply and effectively request a valid email address before displaying their publication – a great way to build readership.

Another exciting feature of the Turn-Page digital magazine software is that it offers editors and digital publishers a statistical interface in order to analyze their visitor’s behavior. The statistics tool can obtain several data elements including geographical location, visit frequency, which pages each user visited, which links were clicked, time spent to consult each page and even if a visit turned into a sale.

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