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How Publishers are Adopting Mobile Media

In its 2012 Digital Publishing Survey, the Alliance for Audited Media compiled a lot of very interesting statistics. The full report can be found at This overview is part of their report and these are some of their findings:

For traditional media companies, digital content has progressed from static replicas of a print edition and basic website content to dynamic, engaging smartphone and tablet apps. New media companies and platforms are emerging that drive innovation, audience engagement and new business models.

Publishers must decide which devices offer the best opportunity to reach their consumers, what content to provide for each platform, and perhaps most importantly—how to profit from producing content on multiple platforms.

The Alliance for Audited Media polled its large membership of media brands to gather insight into how they were adopting and embracing mobile media. They asked publishers to share their experiences and plans for paywalls, apps, revenue models, devices, auditing and a lot more. Here’s some of what they learned:

• AAM media companies are distributing their content via mobile devices. 90 percent of respondents claimed a mobile presence. The remaining 10 percent plan to develop mobile-optimized content in the next year.

• Publishers are distributing their content on multiple platforms. Eighty-five percent have iPhone apps, 87 percent have iPad apps, 67 percent have Kindle apps, 57 percent have Nook apps and 75 percent have Android apps.

• Seventy percent of survey respondents are producing native apps—downloadable programs built for specific operating systems—while 67 percent are producing Web apps, programs that use web browsers to deliver content and are optimized for specific screen sizes.

• The impact of HTML5 as a new additional publishing technology is still undecided for most publishers. 41 percent said they plan to continue using native apps while 31 percent said they plan to try HTML5 within the next year. Forty-four percent are still undecided.

• Seventy-seven percent agreed mobile revenues must stem from both advertising and circulation. Fifty-four percent of respondents said mobile currently represents up to 9 percent of advertising revenue. Similarly, 56 percent said mobile represents up to 9 percent of circulation revenue.

• Publishers anticipate mobile advertising revenue will continue to grow through the end of 2014. By that time, 46 percent of publishers expect mobile to represent at least 10 percent of their overall ad revenue.

• Overall, 56 percent of AAM publishers charge for their iPad apps, 42 percent for their iPhone apps, 38 percent for their Kindle apps and 31 percent for their Nook apps. Nearly 40 percent said they are not currently charging for their content on any device.

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