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Good Reasons to Publish Digitally

Because tablets have become embedded in people’s lives and a majority of tablet owners use their tablets daily, with studies showing that the majority of tablet users are on their tablets several times per day, averaging 14 hours per week, it only makes sense that available content is driving frequency of use. Add to that that about one-third of usage takes place in the home, and you have a perfect recipe for digital magazine success.

Accessing information still remains the primary reason for tablet use, and digital magazines are the perfect format finding relevant content, and ever-increasing tablet use is creating an ever –increasing market for content. All of this is very good news for digital publishers.

Because of their bigger screens, tablet owners prefer reading on tablets vs. mobile phones and other media, even if they own or have access to these other devices. In addition, studies show that a majority of tablet users regularly use over half of the apps that they have downloaded.

A very important thing to remember when planning and creating your digital publishing strategy is that on tablets and smartphones, your readers are always one click away from the world. Your offering must be timely, relevant and capable of providing your readers with the connectivity and social integration aspects that digitally connected readers expect. Let’s discuss your options.

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