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Features, Features, and More Features

Video and other features are increasingly important parts of digital magazine engagement. The bar for what is the expected “standard” experience for a digital reader is rising all the time.
As legacy magazine publishers continue to expand their digital footprints at a fast pace, newcomers to digital publishing have to make sure that their offerings include the newest features in order to keep up. Increasing customer audiences is necessary to maintain the digital model as viable and profitable. It is no longer enough to just maintain readership at pre-digital levels.

What can be taken from the most recent statistics from Magazine Media 360 published by the MPA is that the audience for all platforms including digital and print has increased more than 10% so far in 2015 as compared to the same period in 2014. Video is becoming a crucial growth component for digital publishers. It is growing faster than most other formats. Mobile and video are where the market gains are coming from. Print and static digital replicas are not increasing market share right now.

In conjunction with video as a growth area in digital publishing, it is estimated that more than half of the time that U.S. consumers spend digitally occurs within a mobile app. Think about that. More than half of all digital time spent, including websites, mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and note books, desktop computers and all other connected hardware combined. Mobile is the way forward.
Ease of use, convenience and speed are the requisite features to ensure broad adoption and the success of a mobile app. When a mobile digital publishing app offers publishers the ability to include simple to use interactive elements like video and audio, success is pretty much assured.

Giving your mobile customer to exactly what they need in the simplest and fastest way possible is of primary importance for any company developing or using a mobile app in today’s publishing environment. Precision and speed are what mobile consumers are looking for and they are the most important features expected by mobile consumers—be they shoppers, moviegoers, travelers, patients, game players, or readers. There are a number of features and functions that are key to successful apps, primarily the use of videos but also including features such as simplified login and checkout, rich images and interactive capability. It goes without saying that the app must be robust enough to deliver a seamless, dependable and fast experience.

The shift to mobile apps as the preferred digital delivery method is growing stronger and increasing. Due to the technological improvements in the development and implementation of mobile media, the mobile experience, including the newest iterations such as wearables will provide the best experience for the user. Video and audio components will be even more important as screen size and hardware decreases and becomes wearable. Smart watches and eyewear are only in the initial stages but as they become more mainstream and the use of keypads and manual input devices decreases, intuitive features will rule.

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