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What is the difference between a ‘Title’ and an ‘Issue’?

A ‘Title’ is the overall heading which your publications go under. e.g. New York Times.
An ‘Issue’ is one specific  PDF that you upload. e.g. September 2012
Certain functions within our system are set at the Title Level, such as the subscription system.
Other functions can be set at both Title and Issue level, such as allowing social and email sharing.

What is the difference between a ‘Title’ link and an ‘Issue’ link?

A ‘Title Link’ is a link which will update automatically whenever you upload a new file under that title. This is helpful for people who publish often and do not wish to update their website each time. The way to know if a link is a Title Link is to notice the ‘t’ in the link:
An issue link has five numbers at the end of the link unique to each new upload. This link will always take you to the same issue. If you delete a file and upload a new one to replace it, a new unique link will be created. An easy way to identify an ‘Issue Link’ is with the letter ‘i’ in the link:

How do I add a link to my publication?

You can add two types of links to your publication. A link can be leading to an external web address, such as www or mail@ . Or you can add a link leading to another page within the same publication such as in a Table Of Contents.
Steps: Login — Titles/Issues —select Title —Click on thumbnail image of publication — Page Editor — Drag and shape the ‘edit’ box over the area you want to link — On the left under the ‘Links’ Tab (the first in the tools tab) — Under ‘Link Type’ drop down menu select the type of link ‘to page’ or ‘website/mail’ — Type in URL or select page number — Select Link Style — Add hover tip if wanted — If linking to external web you can select what type of window it opens in from the ‘Target’ drop down menu — Tick ‘link is active’ — Save link. 

How do I replace a page within my publication?

Once you upload your completed PDF you might find that you have a page or two that you need to replace. You can, at any time, replace up to 30% of your page count. Save the page you need to replace as a one page PDF following our technical specs and follow these steps.
Login — Titles/Issues — Click on thumbnail image of publication — Page Replace — Change Title/Issue if you need to — Select page to replace — Browse for the replacement file — Select if you want to replace the page links or text — Click upload and replace.

What are Auto links and how do I get the system to create them for me?

Auto links are the systems way of helping you save time, so you don’t spend hours creating links. Our system can read the text in your PDF when uploaded or after. If it detects any text such as www or mail@, it will create a link automatically for you.  If your text is part of a flat image or not embedded, the system will not be able to read it.
When uploading your file, make sure to tick the ‘Find Websites & Emails’ option. Keep in mind 20,000 links is the limit.
If you have forgotten to tick this option during the upload process follow these steps to create the auto links.
Login — Titles/Issues — Click on thumbnail image of publication — New Auto-link  — Select Title and Issue again if needed — in the ‘Job Type’ drop down menu select ‘Websites/emails’ — Give the ‘Job’ a name — Tick ‘Automatically Enable All Links Found’ if you don’t want to review all links – click ‘Create Job’.

How do I upload a video into my account and embed it in my publication?

Follow these steps to upload your video into your account:
Login — Audio/Video — Upload Audio/Video — Browse for Video — Name your file — Upload.
Please note: Max file size is 50mb. Supported formats for Audio and Video are MP3, SWF, FLV, MP4, MPEG, MOV, OGV, OGG, WMV, AVI.
To embed the video in the publication follow these steps:
Login — Titles/Issues — Click on thumbnail image of publication — Page Editor — Go to the page on which you want to embed the video — set the ‘new’ box to the size and place that you want the video to show — on the right hand side select the third tab across ‘Audio/Video’ — select your video — Tick ‘auto play’ is wanted — tick ‘Auto-hide controls’ (recommended) —click ‘place’

How do I add a YouTube video widget to my publication?

Login — Titles/Issues — Click on thumbnail image of publication — Page Editor — Go to the page on which you want to embed the YouTube Widget on — set the ‘new’ area box to the place and size you wish — click on the 4th tab across ‘widgets’ — click on ‘YouTube video’  —  add video ID eg. iOuekT2QaVQ — select settings in drop down menus — Click the ‘Update & Close’ button — when back in the page editor area make sure to tick the ‘add widget’ button  

How can I add a ‘Facebook Like’ to my page?

Login — Titles/Issues — Click on thumbnail image of publication — Page Editor — Go to the page on which you want to embed the Facebook Like on — set the ‘new’ area box in the place you want — click on the 4th tab across ‘widgets’ — click on ‘Facebook Like Button’ — add the URL page you want — set style — select faces option — select color — select ‘verb’ — Click ‘Update & Close’ — when back in the page editor area make sure to tick the ‘add widget’ button

What is a left hand widget and how do I add one?

The left hand Widget is an area set aside for you and your programmer to do with what you like. It is a free space to the left of the publication where you can enter whatever code you can come up with, to create something amazing next to the page of your publication.
We have pre built code for you to have your Facebook or Twitter stream show in the widget area.
Follow these steps to create a simple Facebook or twitter steam in the left hand widget:
Login — Titles/Issues — select the title you want to add the widget to — on the bottom left click ‘edit’ — Widgets — Custom Embed — Select the Twitter or Facebook help code — add either the Twitter name or your Facebook ID — click OK — set the width of the widget (we recommend no wider than 250px) —  Click ‘Update’

I would like to add a thumbnail image with a link or a mini flipbook to my site, where do I get the code?

Our system will generate a thumbnail image linking to your publication or/and a mini flipbook leading to your publication via code. To get that code follow these steps.
Login — Titles/Issues — Click on thumbnail image of publication — Promote — Mini Flipbook or Linkable Cover — set the settings you want — click ‘get code’ —  Embed these on your site

Infrastructure Specifics:

Q: What is your Power Failover plan?
A: All our servers have redundant power, storage and cpu.
Q: What is your IP Failover plan?
A: We are equipped with redundant load-balancers that balance the load and ensure working status of all web and storage servers.
Q: How much Bandwidth and Pipe?
A: We are on a burstable 100mbit pipe with the ability to updgrade to 1tb on the fly.
We use Limelight Networks to distribute our media, which is like an infinite pipe-stream across the globe. Limelight serves content for companies like Microsoft who outsource their content distribution.
Q: What Kind of web servers? How many?
A: We run about 95% Dell Poweredge 2950, 2850 and 1850 servers.
As mentioned, all are equipped with redundant power, cpu and RAID storage.
Q: Plan B in case network/servers go down?
A: Head for the bomb shelter in the basement: We’re hosted out of the central Canadian internet hub at 151 Front st.
Here are about 10 different ISP’s interconnected into this world-class facility ensuring redundancy at every level.


Which devices are Turn-Page Mobile ready?

Our latest mobile platform works best on touch screen devices, running a webkit enabled web-browser.
While it may work with other devices, Turn-Page’s mobile interface has been tested and approved to work with:

iPod Touch
HTC (Dream, Magic, Hero)
LG Eve
Motorola Droid (a.k.a. Motorola Milestone)
BlackBerry Storm (and Storm2) **
Blackberry Playbook

We aren’t able to test the full Android lineup, but Turn-Page Mobile should work on all Android devices running OS version 2.3+
In terms of technical requirements, your device only needs a minimum screen resolution of 320px x 320px to load the digital editions. Javascript and images must be enabled.
While more devices may prove to be compatible, we simply haven’t been able to test them. Feel free to test on yours and let us know your experience!

** Because BlackBerry devices are not equipped with the latest Javascript technologies, some features (such as email to a friend and social bookmark) will appear differently on BlackBerries than with other devices. On this note, RIM has recently announced a new browser is on its way which should increase compatibility with the Turn-Page Mobile interface.