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General FAQ’s


Is this software you can buy?

At Turn-Page, we work very hard to provide our customers with a dynamic publishing solution that is constantly updated and improved in keeping with industry standards. Other companies sell software that quickly becomes obsolete and leaves their customers using out-dated technology.  We choose to keep our customers on the cutting edge of digital publishing solution software that we monitor and upgrade continuously.


What is included with the price?

We have many pricing models depending on our customers’ needs. Contact us today and we’ll work with you to provide a viable and cost effective solution to your digital publishing needs.


Will the publications display on mobile devices and tablets?

Publications will display and function properly on numerous mobile devices (contact us for list) extremely well that have a stable broadband connection.


Do I have to pay extra for bandwidth?

This is included in your pricing.


Can I customize the look?

Yes, colors and logos and navigation bar features can be modified to each clients specifications.


Will this work on social networks? can create and manage all of the components necessary for a successful, effective social media marketing strategy. With our system you can add Facebook ‘likes’, Twitter, Pinterest and more!


Is the publication searchable?

When using our system we have a number of tools to assist you with being found by search engines such as Google. Once the reader is within your publication they can also do an internal search of the contents.


Can I restrict access?

Yes, by default everyone has access. Tiered levels of access can be switch on by the client by limiting IP addresses to username and password access behind a subscription system.


How do I protect my publication from password sharing?

Turn-Page acts as the security layer between the user and your content. We pass on the credentials and you decide whether to allow access or not.


Can the pages be printed or copied?

If you choose, absolutely.  You can save the info to your desktop, as well you can print out if those are the features that you want your readers to have.


Can I generate revenue from my publication?

Yes, the client will retain 100% of the revenue generated from online sales.