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Digital Relationships and Analytics

All business are now digital businesses in to a greater or lesser degree. One of the beautiful things about this digital transformation is that digital publishing analytics provide businesses with the perfect opportunity to apply the results of digital magazine analytics to their marketing strategies and publishing decisions. It has become more and more imperative to use publishing analytics data in order to improve the immediate consumer experience as well as make it better for the next generation of customers.

All progressive companies, the ones that have always embraced new technology and the digital revolution, clearly see digital publishing as a strategic imperative. They know that investing in digital applications, including but not limited to digital magazine analytics, expands their capability to easily identify useful data, evaluate it, analyze it, manage it, and, most importantly, act on it.

Digital publishing analytics represent a powerful new approach to consumer engagement and loyalty. Using analytics to cater to the developing trends in a given industry and to offer customers a timely, meaningful experience should be the goal of every business.

Digital magazine analytics, used in conjunction with digital publishing software and consumer apps allow companies to create more compelling user experiences, customizing every interaction. Digital magazine publishers can establish solid, loyal relationships with their consumers by catering to their needs quickly, as they arise. It goes without saying that higher customer satisfaction means repeat customers and higher revenue through increased transactions.

Digital publishing analytics allow digital magazine publishers to gain a better understanding of their consumers. The deeper the relationship with the customer, the more reliable the metrics the customer provides. The ability to cultivate and use the customer information provided by digital magazine analytics for sales, marketing, and advertising is a fantastic opportunity to get the data and client information and opinions that businesses need in order to understand and serve their customers in a personal, productive way. Digital magazine analytics also provides important insights to publishers into how their readers engage with content and advertising, which in turn allows digital magazine publishers to adapt and adjust their content and advertising depending on what the analytics data is telling them.

As magazine publishers transition to digital publication design and delivery, they will have to use analytics to guide them. Publishers can no longer rely solely on market research, focus groups, online surveys, and other traditional measurement techniques to gain insights into how readers interact with their publication and consume digital content. With digital magazine analytics they have the real data in real time. No need to adjust for truthful or less-then-truthful responses from customers. The data is right there. Accurately representing exactly what readers are doing and when they are doing it.

The information gathered through publishing analytics allows publishers to develop a better understanding of the type of content that drives positive business outcomes and enables them to make more informed decisions about their digital publishing initiatives, which includes everything from content to advertising, which in turn will deliver greater return on investment (ROI). Accurate insight into how users are interacting with advertisements helps publishers identify the most engaging ad formats and placements, which allows them to establish premium pricing for those units.

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