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Digital Magazines and Smartphones – Understanding the Connection

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) conducted research on Magazine Media Readers and Smartphones and the findings are very interesting for the digital magazine publishers. MPA conducted this study to determine the behavior of magazine readers 18-34 years of age who access content on their smartphones. The statistics that follow come from this study.

• Apple iPhones are dominant at 61%, especially among women (64%) versus men (58%) and higher household income consumers — 70% for $100,000+ compared to those making under $50,000 (52%).

• The reverse is true for Android owners. Overall 44% own an Android device with males dominating at 48% versus women at 40% and those under $50,000 (47%) more likely than those over $100,000+ household income (38%).

• On average, 2.6 different magazine apps have been downloaded onto smartphones owned by 18–34 year old magazine readers.

• Food, news and sports magazine apps are the most popular downloads for reading or viewing on
smartphones, followed by celebrity/entertainment and science/technology.

• Nearly two-thirds of respondents have been reading or viewing digital content on their smartphones through a magazine-branded app or newsreader for less than six months.

• 86% access digital magazine content on their smartphone from home, with 43% accessing at work and 31% while commuting.

• 61% of respondents spend less than one hour reading or viewing digital magazine content on their smartphone in the typical week. 39% access for one hour or more, with more than half seeing the amount of time with digital magazine content increasing over the next year.

• 60% see their overall readership of printed magazines increasing or remaining the same since they began reading digital magazines on their smartphone

The takeaway from this data is very encouraging. Among other things, in the target demographic the data suggests that those who have been reading digital magazine content for more than three months are more than twice as likely to have subscribed to a digital magazine through the magazine’s app. In addition, the trend is as the digital format becomes more familiar and commonplace, the time spent reading magazines in digital is increasing. This is good news for digital publishers and advertisers alike. Check this space again soon for more about smartphones and digital magazines.

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