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Digital Magazine Apps Evolve With Phones & Tablets

When tablet use exploded in early 2010 thanks to the introduction of the iPad, the possibilities for digital magazines seemed endless. Here was a new (again) format seemingly made for reading image-and graphic-intense periodicals. Very quickly loads of apps appeared, catering to what was assumed was every want and need of the magazine buying public. This is proving easier said than done.  Monetizing the digital model has proven more difficult than at first thought, and the publishing industry is still finding its way.

An interesting development in the digital publishing sphere is the renewed interest in the smart phone. Initially the small screen size of the handheld devices made it difficult to replicate the comfortable magazine reading experience. The apps that were being developed for smartphones were mostly games and utility apps. That is now changing. The trend seems to be to adapt full magazine editions for smartphones. Many publishers are now using smartphone as the platform to launch full digital editions.

This shift is of course in response to the marketplace. The ad market for digital products is exploding, as evidenced by Facebook’s growth on mobile devices. It is being predicted that advertising will surge on the smartphone format over the next few years. This is a growth avenue that must be explored. The small size of the smartphone, which used to be considered a handicap, is now understood to be its very asset. A phone is carried with you at all times and can be used anywhere.  An iPad, or even a smaller tablet, still won’t be something to be taken everywhere you go.

The iPhone, and smartphones in general, reach a much larger audience than do tablets. As long as publishers can create a good experience for readers, magazines made for smartphones have the potential to make a big impact on the market. The challenge is providing a good product and content on a screen that is only a few inches square. has what you need to take your publications across platforms, from computer to tablet to smartphone. Let us show you how.

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