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Digital Is Becoming the Preferred Way to Read, and That is Great for Advertisers!

Every new study shows that more and more consumers are reading magazines electronically and are downloading apps and paid-for content on mobile devices. In fact, a majority of those who downloaded apps have paid for magazine content and even more e-reader owners read magazines on their devices.

A very encouraging trend for publishers is that digital magazine readers value advertising.
Ads in digital magazines are seen to be significantly more helpful and interesting than ads in other electronic media. Furthermore, they have the least negative impact on the reader experience. According to the Digital Magazine Reader Survey, 2012, 46% of digital magazine readers spend at least 30 minutes reading each issue, which gives advertisers an excellent opportunity to engage customers and build brand loyalty.

In Canada, the sale of digital magazine editions continues to increase. As an example, Magazines Canada’s digital newsstand served 1.1 million copies in 2011, up 59% from the previous year.
Ease of access and portability are the top two reasons why readers access digital magazine copies, but there are many more, including portability and interactive features. In addition, digital readers read both current and back issues. One magazine takes up the same amount of room as 100 when they are held in a mobile device! This is evidence of the longevity of magazine content and the shelf life of advertising. 86% of all digital magazine reading is done over multiple reading occasions, predominantly 2 or 3 times per issue. This finding, from MPA, The Mobile Magazine Reader, November 2011, supports evidence that magazine readers are typically exposed to an ad page more than once, giving advertisers multiple opportunities to engage their target audiences.

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