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Digital drives engagement among readers

The words “Digital” and “Magazine” are a natural fit, and readers of all ages and preferences are getting more and more used to associating magazines with a digital media experience. The bridge between the traditional print experience and the new digital media is now the tablet computer, and increasingly the smartphone. Studies conducted over the past few years by industry groups such as have found that 77% of men and 68% of women were open to digital reading, 71% of tablet owners were interested in reading digital magazines on their devices, and 67% prefer to. These particular numbers are a little old but if the trend has continued, and all indicators say that it has, even more people have adopted digital as their reading method of choice.

Once readers take the plunge and commit to purchasing a tablet or other mobile device, they easily and quickly become attached and connected to digital magazines. Unsurprisingly, the younger demographics typically adopt new technology first, and the numbers prove it. It is estimated that more than a third of people between 18 and 34 years old are reading digital magazines on hand-held devices, more than half of them download apps and pay for content, and almost two-thirds of them spend more than an hour at a time reading digital magazines.

One of the most exciting findings about digital media and digital magazines is that the digital format drives engagement among readers. The ease with which the technology allows readers to purchase products and services directly from with digital magazines and the advertisements contained in them makes both impulse purchases and more deliberate purchases so much easier.

Reading digital magazines allows readers respond to the content they consume. The interactive, immersive experience they get while reading digital magazines allows them to share their experience with peers and visit websites and retail businesses based on what they are reading. Advertising, curated content and editorial content all offer opportunities for digital media readers to interact and share what they are doing. Among those who take action because of what they read, a large percentage of people reading digital magazines purchased something and provided feedback about what they read. Digital media content works. Readers spend significant hours per month consuming content and digital magazine app customers are top earners and influencers in their demographic.

Avid digital magazine readers tend to be more social media savvy than the general population and more engaged in social media. They very often share their experiences about daily activities and feel that the experience of interacting with digital media is enhanced when shared with others. Tablet users and owners of the most current smartphones use social media to talk about what they are reading in magazines. These people are important influencers in their circles, and the fact that they are reading digital magazines and trust digital media makes their word-of-mouth advertising is priceless to a brand.

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