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Flip through the Turn-Page demo

View our demo (Click the thumbnail below) and see for yourself the multiple possibilities turn-page can open up for you! Simply use your keyboard to flip through or zoom into the 3D pages and discover for yourself why Turn-Page is the best software to give your publication a new digital life. Not only does our animation software perfectly replicate the look of the original publication but also adds a lively, new and interactive dimension impossible on paper.

Scrap Magazine Homes Plus Magazine
  • An interface that can integrate Flash, Javascript, HTML, and other forms of media straight to the sidebar
  • Add Links, Audio Clips and Videos straight into your online publication
  • Keep track of various statistics such as number of visitations, geographical location of visitors, the amount of time spent on each page, and what visitations lead to direct sales
  • Make your publication Google-searchable and available to nearly 98% of all internet surfers
  • An effective eco-friendly solution which reduces paper usage and cuts down on the use of harmful green house gasses