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Delivering Content to Readers – Digital Magazine Options

Magazines are adapting to the new digital reality and are using various tools to deliver content to readers. In addition to print, interactive options such as video help consumers research and learn more about products. 3D views of products, demonstrations, testimonials, tutorials and real-time feedback are now possible in the digital realm, and are all extremely effective at educating the consumer. All of these methods serve to engage deeply with the reader and create an environment with which they engage fully with the brand. Consumers often feel more comfortable making a purchase particularly after watching a video, and have more confidence that they have made the right decision. More and more magazines are creating their own videos either on their own or in collaboration with their advertisers, adding to the all-important promise of trust that only a magazine brand can project upon a product purchase.

Although the use of smartphone and mobile devices in increasing exponentially, it appears that at this time video of all types are being accessed via Wi-Fi as opposed to 4G or 3G connections. Tablet and smartphone users predominantly use Wi-Fi, and their larger screens are the most conducive to viewing video at this time. New data suggests that people who view videos on mobile devices are likely to stay tuned and watch ads to their completion. One possible reason for this is the overall shorter average length of video ads. Smartphone and tablet users are very likely to watch video ads in order to access free premium content, and these ads are becoming a ubiquitous part of most mobile viewing experiences.

An interesting component of the new digital publishing offerings is not very new at all. Email is being used in new ways to engage with readers and encourage brand loyalty. Membership in magazine email programs provide readers with access to trusted, relevant information, and they engender high engagement. It’s all about forging closer relationships with customers through many different venues.

Magazine emails are a great source of information with a high degree of relevance to readers, and are very popular with mobile device users. Consumer attitudes towards email advertising is improving, and it is thought that just under half of email ads are deleted before being opened, and this percentage is expected to improve in the near term.

Another method of reaching and interacting with readers via digital publishing is display ads. Display ads have been around for a long time, and they have transitioned to mobile devices with no problem. Display ads in various formats provide advertisers and consumers a wide range of options and methods of engagement, and they meet the needs of the various parties involved. Research supports their popularity and value across a wide array of product categories and magazine styles and formats. The emphasis on ad delivery in the digital magazine environment is always on providing reliable and trustworthy information from reputable sources.

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