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CSS Solutions (CSS) is a national industry resource for verified audience data and media knowledge.  CSS delivers both print and digital audits for consumers, publishers and media.  As an objective third party in this industry we are able to provide accurate, objective, transparent and timely audits for our clients.  The CSS system provides insightful analytics not just for our clients but also for advertisers, agencies, sponsors and other interested parties. Our consumer and business audits provide assurance, clarity and advantages for consumer-to-business publications as well as business-to-business publications.   We maintain the highest standards when performing these duties for our clients. Our experienced team of auditors perform constant and consistent audits on a daily basis.  With our tools and methodology we are able to produce disciplined and diverse audits for any industry.  This results in our clients having superior comfort levels when are high standard of work is performed. Our audits include: -        B2B and B2C publications -        Website Audits -        Digital Edition Audits -        Apple Newsstand and Google Play Audits -        Event Audits -        Specialized Custom Audits CSS Solutions provides valuable analytics for our clients.  Analytics can be provided on a macro level or a micro level depending on our clients’ needs.  We verify aggregates for subscription, print runs, returns, audience attendance, website traffic and a host of other variables.  We can also supply demographics, such as age, sex, household income, geographic location and much more. Pricing for our full service magazine audits are as follows:

Circulation Cost
0-50,000 $690.00 USD
50,000-100,000 $990.00 USD
100,000-250,000 $1,490.00 USD
250,000-500,000 $1,990.00 USD
500,000-1,000,000 $2,490.00 USD
1,000,000-1,500,000 $2,990.00 USD
Over 1,500,000 Call us