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Creating a Good User Experience Across Platforms

Mounting pressure on print circulation and TV viewing figures has forced media brands to look again at the digital user experience. Due to the increasing pressure to maintain circulation numbers and the resultant advertising dollars, brands are stepping up their use of digital platforms to offer users even more sophisticated levels of engagement and interactivity in order to grab the maximum audience share. Newspaper and magazine publishers are all seeking to perfect how they present information online.

The two-tiered approach to publishing, with classic print editions and digital publications also available via mobile apps, allows consumers to read published products in the way they want to, and it also allows advertisers to reach them in new, engaging ways.

When considering a mobile application it is important that the app play to the strength of the particular device. Screen size, as one example, must be taken into account when designing content layout and placement. Ideally the goal is to make the interactivity of a digital edition feel seamless and organic within the design of the whole product so that readers can delve deeper into a story or advertisement.

The digital magazine market is in its infancy and the effect of this new media is just beginning to be felt,   but the trends are positive. People are staying in digital publishing apps for longer periods of time and engaging deeply with the content for longer.

Meeting consumers’ diverse needs is vital for brands seeking to display information in a clear and accessible way. Combining all relevant information into an effective user experience can be tough, but clear language and a consistent tone go a long way towards presenting a unified experience across devices and platforms. Seamless and engaging user experiences are vital to a new digital venture, particularly when faced with established competitors.

Publishers who have embraced the digital format are the new pioneers and are literally making the rules for the new media. Don’t be left behind.

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