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Content Marketing

Basic content marketing presumes that you are creating content that is relevant and useful to your target audience, so they can do their jobs better as a result of the content your organization is providing. If you present product-focused promotional content that masquerades as information, the process won’t work, and will alienate your customers over time.

Effective content is the most important factor for success. Organizations that excel at content marketing that generates revenue must establish a framework for success, including a well-trained sales force, executive support and access to adequate resources.

It is essential to have a proper marketing plan in place before proceeding with content marketing. Every step in this process requires that you have a clear understanding of your business goals and your target audience.

Content that drives revenue must not be used to promote your product. It’s all about the CONTENT, and the perceived added value of that content for your customers. Do not promote your products. Instead, focus those resources on promoting your content! Promoting content is a far better way to engage with your target audience than telling them about your product or service. Your audience likely perceives your product or service as a commodity, but will perceive your content as value.

The quality of your content matters. The trick to content marketing isn’t to focus on being relevant to the entire world; it’s being relevant to your audience. In a digital magazine ad, something that is of specific interest to your target audience will make them willing to take an action to learn more.

You have to be very clear and specific in your “ask”. You must tell your readers what to do. In a digital publication it usually involves a click. You have to directly ask them to “Click here to ….” or “Register here,” for example. Don’t leave it up to readers to figure out what they’re supposed to do once they see your content. If you don’t make clear what you are offering and how to get it, you’ll lose a great deal of potential effectiveness.

Effective content marketing only works when the marketing strategy and your organization’s sales process work in tandem. Cultivating your target market so they become life-long customers is all about credibility and engagement. Your goal is to keep your offerings and brand top of mind.

We can help you develop an effective marketing strategy for your digital publication and the content that it provides. Let’s talk.

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