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Digital Magazine Apps Evolve With Phones & Tablets


When tablet use exploded in early 2010 thanks to the introduction of the iPad, the possibilities for digital magazines seemed endless. Here was a new (again) format seemingly made for reading image-and graphic-intense periodicals. Very quickly loads of apps appeared, catering to what was assumed was every

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Digital Publishing Software: Features vs Function


The challenge for publishers and app developers in the digital publishing industry is to create a great user experience on an ever-shrinking screen. Even though tablets are getting smaller and smart phones are getting larger, the luxury of working with a 10” x 12” page is a

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Mobile Apps For Magazines Going Mainstream


The Association of Magazine Media commissioned a study among consumers who read the digital editions of magazines via mobile apps designed for tablets and eReaders. The sample source for the study was a pool of more than 75,000 consumers that were pre-screened for their ownership of mobile

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iPad Offers Great Reading Experience


By all accounts, the iPad should provide a great reading experience. After all, the device has so many great features, including full-screen views, instant page-turns, accurate color reproduction, fast zooming and font adjustment, instant bookmarking, and all the interactive extras you can imagine. The problem is that

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A Successful Digital Publication Looks Like This


The market for digital content is in its infancy and is rapidly changing along with the technology that is driving it. Until recently digital publications and magazines in particular were not serious competitors to their print counterparts. The earliest examples were just print magazines scanned into .pdf

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People actually read digital magazines (and they’re ready to buy)


The publishing industry is still feeling out ways to take advantage of new digital formats. Plenty of traditional magazine subscribers have declared that they still prefer old fashioned print, but a group of brave souls has slowly grown in number since the iPad was introduced in 2010:

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