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Features, Features, and More Features

Video and other features are increasingly important parts of digital magazine engagement. The bar for what is the expected “standard” experience for a digital reader is rising all the time. As legacy magazine publishers continue to expand their digital footprints at a fast pace, newcomers to digital

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The Future of App Revenue

Man holding tablet pc and credit card indoor, Shopping online

The largest mobile growth area is now what is beginning to be known as mCommerce. Consumers are becoming more accustomed to buying on the go, and often research and purchase via mobile devices, through mobile apps that they trust and from within digital publications’ advertisements, to name

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Trends in News Media This Year

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Digital is the Only Way Forward

Electronic and paper media concept

The majority of Americans, regardless of their demographic, prefer to receive their news and information on a multitude of platforms and devices. This new reality makes digital publishing mandatory for legacy magazine and newspaper publishers. They will either evolve or go extinct. Sustaining revenue and profit under

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More About Marketing


The new buzz-word right now is Content Marketing. Simply put, content marketing is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers. Content marketing focuses on communicating with customers, not on selling per se. The data tells us that traditional marketing is becoming

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2012/2013 Magazine Media Factbook


The Association of Magazine Media has released its 2012/2013 Magazine Media Factbook and the data is interesting, to say the least! The following statistics are taken from that report. Magazines work for many reasons, and they are universally popular. 92% of Americans read magazines, whether paper or

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Different Devices for Different Places – Tablets and Smartphones


In order to create a successful digital application, it is imperative to understand how your product will be used, on what device, and by whom. According to ABI Research Survey, June 2012, smartphones are most widely used at home, as are tablets. However, smartphone usage out of

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Digital Magazine Readers and Tablets Rise


According to Magazines Canada, in a typical 24-hour day Canadians spend an average of 9.9 hours connected to technology, slightly more than the global average. Canadian connectivity is slightly younger and less affluent but more broadly based. More importantly for the topic of this article, *Tablets and

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Newsweek Magazine Goes Digital Only


In the news today, was the announcement that Newsweek magazine will no longer be offered in print format as of the end of 2012. This may come as a shock to some, but us in the digital publishing world kind of expected it. More and more magazines

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Print & Digital Magazine Publishing Unite


The data shows that print magazines and their digital counterparts work in tandem to strengthen each other. 75% of consumers feel that digital content complements print content* and that “digital extras” such as video, slide shows and audio content enhances the magazine reading experience. 85% of digital

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