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Avid Magazine Readers Are Connecting Directly With Magazines Via Social Media

Some interesting information about the connection between digital magazines and social media is available in a recent study done by MPA titled Magazine Media Readers Are Social. The following statistics come from that study.

Avid magazine readers are major users of social media, and multimedia usage is common among these consumers, aged 18-34.

• 36% of respondents use other media while reading magazines
• 39% use social media to enhance their experiences with other media
• 35% love to share articles or products that they see in magazines immediately with others
• 34% interact with their favorite media brands across multiple social media platforms
• Males have an edge over females in using other media while reading magazines and using social media to talk about what they are reading in magazines

These consumers are used to having a complete multimedia experience with the brands that they are involved with, and they are always looking for that “extra” to keep them engaged.

• 49% of total respondents and 63% of avid magazine readers have visited a magazine’s Facebook page and 41% / 51% have ‘liked’ a magazine’s Facebook page.
• Chief reasons for visiting a magazine’s Facebook page are relevant content, special contests and games, and checking out ideas and recipes and photos posted.
• 19% respondents and 30% of avid magazine readers have searched for a magazine on Twitter
and 16% and 24% respectively have ‘followed’ any magazine’s Twitter feed.
• Reasons voiced for following a magazine on Twitter ranged from special offers, contests and games to checking real-time news updates to seeing what others had to say/for links to articles.

Another interesting finding of the study is that 60% of those surveyed had never considered following a magazine on Twitter. What this means for digital publishers is that there is a great opportunity for creating and promoting a branded Twitter page. Twitter is yet another option available to reach and engage readers. Of those who have re-tweeted to a magazine editor, “inspired, entertained and amused” were the reasons for what prompted the response. These are readers who are heavily invested in what they read. These are the most desirable customers.

• More than 50% of total respondents ‘follow’ a magazine on Twitter (56%) or ‘like’ a magazine on Facebook (52%). For avid magazine readers it’s 69% / 67% respectively.
• 47% of total respondents and 62% of avid readers post magazine articles to Facebook.
• 49% of total and 65% of avid readers ‘follow’ a magazine editor or columnist on Twitter and 39% and 55% of avid readers become a subscriber of a magazine editor or columnist on Facebook.
• 33% post photos to a magazine Facebook page and/or upload content (such as recipes) to a magazine’s Facebook page (44% and 46% among avid magazine readers).
• 56% of total respondents and 65% of avid magazine readers follow a magazine on Pinterest or re-pin content from a magazine.

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