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Reader Engagement

Reader engagement is a big subject in digital publishing circles these days, for good reason. Getting customers to make the leap from consuming free content to subscribing to or paying for digital content can seem like an insurmountable task.

Reader engagement levels in tablet magazine apps are proving that quality content has the power to draw readers in, hold their interest and motivate them to pay for app subscriptions.

Various researchers have discovered that digital content consumers are more likely to engage with interactive rather than static ads, as well as having a greater percentage of follow-through and purchase intent from interactive advertising. Luckily, digital magazines are the perfect vehicle to provide effective, engaging interactive advertising!

We have referred to the recent MPA Magazine FactBook in this blog post in the past, but it bears repeating that the data presented in the FactBook offers editors and advertisers excellent news on readers’ engagement with tablet magazines. Dwell times and interactions are high. The median time spent reading digital magazines, for example, is two hours in a typical week, and 86 percent of readers access the same issue multiple times.

More than two-thirds of readers say they want to be able to purchase products and services directly through their electronic magazines, and 73 percent read or tap on adverts appearing in digital publications. Plus, even conservative estimates put the number of tablets by the end of 2013 in the hundreds of millions—that is a giant new market. Readers want to engage, they want to purchase, and they want it to be easy to do so.

Advertisers can use interactivity tools such as motion graphics, sound, slide shows and animation to create favorable attitudes and loyalty to their brands. Done well, an advertisement becomes sought-after content itself, which allows the publisher to monetize their ad inventory, creating an additional revenue stream.

When using a digital publishing solution such as that has integrated analytics, publishers and their advertisers can also gather insight into how their readers engage with editorial and advertising content, including time spent with various interactive features. These features help them design, target and tailor content for maximum results. offers the opportunity for editors and publishers to deliver a fully immersive reading experience. Let’s discuss it.

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